Sparkle Star (sparklestargirl) wrote in getreviewed,
Sparkle Star

hey there!

Hello. I'm Kelly the moderator of this new journal. I'm 19, in college, and bored because I'm on break.I have a website I'm working on this summer and wanted to start a community that would function alongside of it. This community is for rating something OTHER THEN PEOPLE. Yay aren't you excited? Basically I want it to be a place people can get their band reviewed, a website, and even poems and stories. Though I would like it to primarily be a band review journal.

What I need:

members who want to write reviews of the people who come here.

You may apply by commenting on this post.

Website (if any):
Musical tastes:
Anything else I need to know about how you will rate (make this part count!):
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