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i think this community is a fantastic idea.
it will make things a lot easier.

i'm jeremy from newnan ga.
ive been in a number of bands.
i'm currently in two and filling in on bass for a third.
here are all three of their purevolume sites.
Version 2.0-Straight Up Southern Metalcore
Slumber Party Massacre-Grindmosh Electronica Fiesta!
The Fall Of Autumn-Power Punk/Southern Rock

thanks everyone.
please give me a review on this.
comment, email, or AIM me at xmeadismurderx. thank and take care.

P.S. please also give a listen to my friends solo project.
I Married My High School Sweetheart-Computer Fun Pop/Rock
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Version 2.0
I think the singer has a nice voice if only I could hear more of it- like i understand the screaming part but i really liked it when it was just sorta singing :) The song you have up is a decent song. The change up was interesting. Nice job.

Slumber Party Massacre
well uh there were only 24 seconds :-p so yeah. The phone call part was a neat touch.

The Fall Of Autumn
Other then the recording qualities this first song's beginning is nice. I like. I really like this first song. Its quite catchy. Girl from a Boys perspective is great. I'm into the acoustic song as well. I think it was needed on this purevolume site to give the band some variety. thumbs up.

I Married My High School Sweetheart
Wow. Where are my glow sticks? But wait. Its not like normal raver stuff haha. I really think this is cool. Nice combonation. :) :) :)

The name is way cool and I definitely love the vocals. I guess it's because I'm into all that screaming shit. Fucking nice. Definitely need more music up on the site.

The name is cool. I really like the song. Make more music and I'll get back to you on this band. =).

Best name ever. Hands down. Nice lyrics. Nice music. Really nice voice. The first song is my favorite, so cute.

Your friends solo project is really cool too. Tell him I said that. And tell him to make more music. Definitely.