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Get reviewed

i dare you

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Hi there and welcome to get reviwed. This is a community for rating bands (preferably those who are still local bands and trying to get press). Also, you can get your websites/zines/etc ... but personally this is mainly for all those local bands who want someone to hear them and get an HONEST opinion.

1. DO NOT COME HERE TO START CRAP! you will be banned
2. DO NOT come here to tell us about a show or an event. Join tomorrow_regret to promote shows and venues and events.
3. DO NOT argue if you do not like a reviewers opinion. Simply suck it up and move on with your life. Not everyone can be a rock star.
4. Once there are atleast 4 other members designated by me reviewing will begin. screw that haha.

How It works
1. Join the community. duh!
2. Post your band/whatever with the subject "REVIEW IT!"
3. Each member gives you a score.
4. If you're good enough your band will get posted on the Info page- plus we'll figure something else out nice for ya!

Simple enough right?! Then go get reviewed!!!!

Mod/chief reviewer- sparklestargirl Kelly
***to be a official rater you must contact Kelly***

Tomorrows Regret